The Best Cooking Classes in Vancouver

Sauté, simmer and stir your way to Gordon Ramsay-level culinary prowess

Victoria Christie

We can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve had a major fail in the kitchen. Whether it’s simply forgetting about the batch of cookies in the oven until they turn into inedible burned lumps or still not knowing the difference between baking soda and baking powder (anyone?), it’s safe to say our culinary skills are a little limited. That is why we were overjoyed to find a plethora of culinary schools offering up the best cooking classes in Vancouver to help us go from frozen pizza to puff pastry in no time. If you want to upgrade your kitchen skills in another city, click here.

Vancouver's Dirty Apron is one of the best cooking classes across Canada
Dirty Apron (Photo: Joey Armstrong)

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Find it: 1505 W. 2nd Ave., #101,
The low-down: 
This top-notch culinary institute has both professional cooking courses (if you low-key want to become a pastry chef) and more casual Saturday classes for those of us who want to simply sharpen our pre-existing—although somewhat limited—skills. Either way, there’s a reason this spot has been voted the best culinary school in Vancouver.
$140 per person
Types of classes: 
Choose between individual technique workshops, like perfecting your knife handling or learning to make homemade sushi, and the specialized Cook! and the City classes, which highlight one dish from a particular region.

Dirty Apron

Find it: 540 Beatty St.,
The low-down:
 As a self-proclaimed culinary playground, this cooking school, catering company and delicatessen teaches over 10,000 students per year (NBD). As the name would suggest, you’re def going to get your apron dirty as you become a master in the kitchen.
$170 per person
Types of classes: 
Try a four-hour hands-on workshop, like the Best Brunch on weekday mornings, where you whip up scones, eggs Benny and french toast (yaaas!) or the Ocean Potion, in which you make a selection of local mussels, maple-seared scallops and pan-roasted halibut. There are also demo-and-dine classes, which allow you to watch and learn from professional chefs but not get your hands dirty.

Cook Culture

Find it: 377 Howe St., 1548 W. Broadway, 1230 Lonsdale Ave.,
The low-down: 
With three locations dotted around the city, this culinary destination is a staple for kitchen supplies and cooking classes. It’s also perfect if you’re looking to expand your cache of small appliances (waffle iron, anyone?), invest in high-quality pots and pans or learn how to make pasta from scratch.
$95 per person
Types of classes: Both hands-on and demonstration-style cooking classes with an eclectic mix of eats: Dabble in international flavours with Curries Around the World, hone your skills with Pasta Fundamentals and learn about nutritious cooking with Foods that Fight Cancer

Rooted Nutrition

Find it: 2245 W. Broadway,
The low-down: 
When you’re stuck in a food rut, it can be hard to pull yourself out, especially when you’ve had “eat healthier” as your New Year’s resolution for, like, three years in a row. These cooking classes focus on proper nutrition and feel-good nosh to inspire you to improve your diet because, after all, you are what you eat.
$75 per person
Types of classes: 
Healthy, nutritious cooking classes meant for busy babes wanting to revamp their diets. We’re currently living for Un-Dairy Your Kitchen (perf for lactose-intolerant or vegan eaters), the detoxifying Spring Cleansing class and the Anti-Inflammatory Eating series.

Nourish Café and Cooking School

Find it: 3742 W. 10th Ave.,
The low-down: 
This sustainable cooking school and café is all about organic, high-quality food that is not only good for the environment but good for you, too. If you’ve still got room after your class, grab a bite to eat at the café, where options include the scrumptious breakfast buckwheat crepes and the Nourish masala salad.
$95 to $110 per person
Types of classes:
 These cooking classes are all about flavours from around the world—no passport required. Take a culinary trip to the rolling hills of Italy for authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, travel to Japan for some chicken miso ramen and head over to the French countryside for a delectable mushroom and caramelized onion tart.

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