The Best Cooking Classes in Montreal

Sauté, simmer and stir your way to Gordon Ramsay-level culinary prowess

Victoria Christie

There’s no denying that we live for La Belle Ville’s eclectic culinary scene and would love to dine out every single night if we had the budget. But alas, cooking at home is an inevitable task we all have to face as adults, so we might as well master it. To take your culinary skills from drab to fab, grab your apron and sign up for the best cooking classes in Montreal. Once you’ve completed all the courses in the city, click here to peep our top picks across the country.

Montreal's Ateliers & Saveurs is one of the best cooking classes across Canada
Ateliers & Saveurs (Photo: Courtesy Ateliers & Saveurs)

Académie Culinaire

Find it: 360 Champ de Mars St.,
The low-down: 
The state-of-the-art kitchen at this profesh culinary school has multiple islands, tons of modern appliances and plenty of countertop space to dice, slice and chop. Every cooking enthusiast will drool at the sight of this dream space.
$65 to $205 per person; two-day courses, $255 to $400; multi-day courses, $600
Types of classes: 
No matter whether you choose a single, two-day or multi-day course, the feast will be majorly gourmet when dishes like paella, lobster and puff pastries are on the menu. Also on offer are a bunch of parent-and-child cooking classes, which are a great way to get your little one excited to help out in the kitchen.

Ateliers & Saveurs

Find it: 444 St Francois Xavier St.,
The low-down: 
Whether you’re looking to master French cuisine or expand your knowledge of vodka cocktails, this school is for you. Between the cooking classes, the cocktail courses and the wine tastings, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a bevvie in hand while you cook.
$24 to $115 per person
Types of classes: 
Choose either the three-hour or one-hour cooking class to learn how to master tapas, brunch and Québécois-inspired eats at home.

La Guilde Culinaire

Find it: 6381 St Laurent Blvd.,
The low-down: 
The word guilde means “a group of people coming together to share a common passion,” which is exactly what chef Jonathan Garnier and his team want you to feel when you’re taking their classes. The chefs take an environmentally friendly approach to cooking, using only fresh, local and organic ingredients, and reusable containers.
$65 to $129 per person
Types of classes: 
The ideal mix of basic cooking techniques with global flavours (like Latin, Greek and Indonesian) and totally extra classes (in the best way possible), such as molecular cooking, mastering caramel sauce and the art of doughnuts (*drooling*)

Appetite for Books

Find it: 388 Victoria Ave.,
The low-down: 
From the outside, this spot looks like a charming little bookshop, but step inside and you’ll be surprised to find chefs at the back, cooking away for their one-of-a-kind classes.
 $95 per person; $126 to $131 per person including cookbook
Types of classes: 
These unique cooking classes are based on the various cookbooks sold in-store, like Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients, New Feast (filled with vegetarian Mediterranean eats) and Authentico, for authentic Italian cooking.

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