The Best Cooking Classes in Halifax

Sauté, simmer and stir your way to Gordon Ramsay-level culinary prowess

When it comes to East Coast dining, it’s safe to say we have mastered all things seafood. But we’re always looking for new ways to spice up our kitchen routine and expand our cookery knowledge beyond shrimp, lobster and clams. From learning the basics of Indian cuisine to travelling the culinary world through international street food, these are the best cooking classes in Halifax. Not in the city but want to get your cooking on? Click here to check out the best classes from coast to coast.

Halifax's Kitchen Door is one of the best cooking classes across Canada

Kitchen Door in Halifax (Photo: Courtesy Kitchen Door)

Shivani’s Kitchen

Find it: Veith House (3115 Veith St.), shivaniskitchen.ca
The low-down: 
This friendly spot is all about teaching you the colourful flavours, ingredients and techniques of Indian cooking. The small class sizes mean you’ll have lots of one-on-one time with the instructors and you get to sample every dish (probs more than once!).
$55 to $60 per person
Types of classes: 
Traditional Indian cuisine with a healthy twist. You’ll learn to whip up dishes like chicken korma, which is a cashew and coconut chicken dish from the northern region, or mutton rogan, a rich spiced lamb stew with egg fried rice.

Kitchen Door

Find it: 2 Bluewater Rd., Bedford, kitchendoor.ca
The low-down: 
This vibrant catering company knows a thing or two about from-scratch cooking and providing delectable eats for any kind of soiree, so get in on the action at one of the cooking classes in their gorgeous spacious kitchen. The company also runs an amazing  charitable Soup Sisters program, where a bunch of local women come together to make soup for those in need.
From $85 per person
Types of classes: 
Learn the best of what Bangkok, Mexico City, Hanoi and Manila have to offer during the International Street Food class. Spice enthusiasts should sign up for Heat!, which has a fiery menu of five-spice pork pot stickers, Jamaican jerk chicken and Thai green papaya salad with green chilies.

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