The Best Cooking Classes in Calgary

Sauté, simmer and stir your way to Gordon Ramsay-level culinary prowess

Victoria Christie

Real talk: Our culinary knowledge only extends to what is on the Food Network. We’ve learned all we need to know about sweets from the Kids Baking Championship, Italian comfort food from Giada De Laurentiis and out-there ingredients (think: squid ink or bitter melon) from Chopped Canada. When it comes to getting our cooking on IRL, we need some backup. That is why we rounded up the best classes in Calgary, perfect for whether you’re looking to master French cuisine or making nut-based dairy products. Then click here to baste, bake and boil your way across the country.

Calgary's Cuisine et Château is one of the best cooking classes across Canada
Cuisine et Château (Photo: Philippe Clairo)

The Cookbook Co. Cooks

Find it: 722 11 Ave. SW,
The low-down: 
This cozy, colourful cooking school is also home to a culinary shop stocked with gourmet ingredients you won’t find in your average grocery store. If you’ve got a case of wanderlust, book one of their culinary escapes to Tuscany or the French countryside and learn the local cuisine first-hand.
$90 to $135 per person
Types of classes:
 Bookmark the couples’ cooking classes for your next date night, and round up your closest girlfriends for a cocktails-and-apps-themed menu. You can also expand your culinary expertise with workshops focused on specialty items like macarons, pastries or fermentation (kombucha, kimchee and sauerkraut, anyone?).

Cuisine et Château

Find it: 227 10 St. NW, #103,
The low-down: 
You’ve got two options for learning how to cook with this culinary company: Either perfect your skills in their gorgeous kitchen, complete with stainless steel appliances and ample counter space, or stay in an opulent château and learn the ins and outs of French fare in the actual country itself (sign us up!).
 $75 to $125 per class
Types of classes: 
Get your apron dirty with the hands-on classes, such as gluten-free baking, cheese making and tapas, or sit back and watch a professional chef whip up a gourmet meal. There is also a wine series in which you can sample delicious international wines and nosh on perfect food pairings.

Roni’s Kitchen

Find it: 1502 27 Ave. SW,
The low-down:
 If you’re looking to give meat-free eating a try but don’t know where to start, this vegan cooking studio slash catering company is an awesome place to start. Everything is made from scratch using local ingredients and globally inspired flavours. Plant-based dining has never been so delish.
$66 per person
Types of classes: 
Calling all vegan babes! These cooking classes are one-hundo p vegan, so you can make your own nut-based cheese and milk or learn how to prepare classic Thai dishes (think: pad Thai, green papaya salad and creamy curry) without animal products.

Culinary Campus

Find it: 230 8 Ave. SW, #226,
The low-down: 
With a sprawling food market stocked with scrumptious eats and professional kitchens staffed with experienced chefs, you’ll quickly understand why this culinary school is a go-to for young chefs looking to gain skills or perfect their craft.
$60 to $20 per person
Types of classes: 
Single and multi-day courses ($500 per person), one including an introduction to cooking and baking, a seafood-focused class that uses ingredients and flavours inspired by the East Coast, and a chocolatier class in which you learn how to temper, mould and dip this luxurious sweet treat

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