Social Media Is Lit with Hilarious Solar Eclipse Reactions That Will Brighten Your Day

We avoided looking directly at the solar eclipse today by checking social media—and people's reactions were straight fire

For a few hours, people all over North America pushed aside their fears of nuclear war, the confusion around Taylor Swift’s potential album release and their general Monday struggles and turned their eyes to the sky (with protective eyewear, hopefully). The solar eclipse—i.e. where the moon passes directly in front of the sun—that was visible throughout the day in Canada and the U.S. Depending on the location, some places were even treated to a rare total eclipse.

If you weren’t able to view the solar eclipse today, don’t worry, social media users have you covered with tweets and posts that will definitely brighten up your day.

Today was truly NASA’s time to shine

And people used it to throw some serious shade

But, seriously, don’t forget, to wear your safety glasses

Unfortunately, not everyone listened to instructions

Clearly we all needed this RN


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