Mattel's New Man-Bun Ken Doll Is Breaking the Internet

People have some very strong feelings about man buns (and the men attached to them)

Mattel's revamped line of Ken and Barbie dolls, featuring diverse body types, skin colours and hairstyles

If you thought man buns were toootally 2015, think again. Mattel just launched a diverse line of Ken dolls with dad bods, beer bellies and yes, the dreaded man bun. People are (understandably) losing their minds over it.

We loved when the toymaker released a line of Barbies last year to include various body types, skin colours and hairstyles. Don’t get us wrong—we think Ken needed a little revamping, too. But seriously, Mattel? Did you have to bring back one of the worst male hair trends of all time?

Never in the history of mancuts has one evoked such dramatic (and hilarious) responses. TBH, we’re a little concerned some man-bun Kens will be made into voodoo dolls. Yikes.

Check out what people are saying about this daring toy.

Despite the flood of traumatic man bun-related memories, there are some people who actually dig Ken’s new look.

But in all seriousness, bravo Mattel for bringing diversity and representation to children’s toys. Clearly we just need to look past the man bun and see the Ken within.

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