This Canadian Ice Cream Burrito Has Gone Viral

You had us at "rolled-out cotton candy"

On the heels of charcoal ice cream’s Toronto debut, a new iced invention has gone viraland this one actually originated right here in Ontario.

Brace your tastebuds for the ice cream burrito: a sparkly, sugary treat rolled up in cotton candy. The brightly coloured “burrito” was invented in small-town Sarnia, Ont., by Martin Lacombe, who opened up sweet shop Sugar Sugar with his wife, Malynda, in mid-March.

To make the burrito, they roll out cotton candy and fill it with scoops of bubblegum-, birthday cake-, and cotton candy-flavoured ice cream, and then top it with sugar-based “unicorn dust.” At $5.50 pop, we think it’s worth trying at least once.

If you’re not sold on the description, perhaps Foodbeast’s viral video will do it for you. The explainer shows how the burrito is made—and it’s racked up 16 million views and counting.

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