Meet the Canadian Chef Helping Veterans Cook with Cannabis

This Victoria-based chef is taking cannabis cuisine to new heights

cannabis chef: scones with cannabis

High Tea & Scones (Photo: Kaleena Lindsay Photography)

As the federal government moves to legalize marijuana, many think it’s high time cannabis made its way into kitchen. Canadian chefs have already begun experimenting with infusing cannabis into savoury dishes and making a serious case for it to become the next trend in haute cuisine.

Victoria, B.C.-based war veteran Cody Lindsay, who was a military cook for seven years, started incorporating cannabis into whole wheat pancakes, smoothies and pestos after receiving a medical release from the Canadian Armed Forces and a prescription for medical marijuana to treat his operational stress injury and related anxiety. Lindsay prefers to consume medical marijuana because he says its effects last longer for him and don’t impart as many psychological effects. He started cooking with it because he wanted to create healthier ways to incorporate it into meals instead of resorting to the stereotypical high-calorie marijuana brownie or cookie multiple times a day.

Together with his wife Kaleena, he now develops recipes for his website, The Wellness Soldier. “I started The Wellness Soldier to help my fellow Canadian veterans with pain injuries and operational stress injuries by providing information, videos, and recipes,” he says. Kaleena photographs their picture-perfect concoctions.

Lindsay soon began receiving inquiries from fellow veterans on how to cook with it. “Being a chef by trade, I’ve always loved teaching people how to cook, whether with cannabis or not,” he says. His Pinterest-worthy dishes could easily pass for fine dining. Like his  “Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Hemp Heart & Pistachio Crust” (it contains 1 mL of cannabis oil) or “Lamb Burgers with Sundried Tomato and Feta Cheese” (add your own dosage). You can find more images of his dishes in the gallery below.

As a growing number of chefs experiment with weed in the kitchen, it seems the future of cannabis in fine dining is, well, lit.

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