How I Made It

50+ Super Successful Millennials Tell FLARE How They Made It!

FLARE #HowIMadeIt2018 celebrates 50+ talented, ambitious and driven Canadian millennials with cool jobs. Want what they? Here’s how they did it

An illustrated How I Made It 2018 banned by Chief Ladybird

It’s here! Our annual celebration of 50+ talented, ambitious and driven Canadian millennials with cool jobs across 10 categories—including politics, art, media and activism—is live at (Oh, and the gorgeous illustration? That’s the work of #HowIMadeIt2018 honouree Chief Lady Bird.)

Want what these bosses have? We picked their brains so you don’t have to. Each honouree—from tattoo artist to stunt coordinator, comedian to chemist—shares exactly how they made it in their chosen field: the highs, the lows, the hustle.

Here, a sampling of all the awesome #MondayMotivation you’re in for:

Lido Pimienta wears colourful poncho top and fuchsia eyeshadow

“Talking about money is considered taboo, and that keeps people poor”Lido Pimienta, musician

“Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone in a room full of white men”Yana Titarenko, student leader

“Be willing to not be humble”Talisha Ramsaroop, community advocate

“I’ve built a career based on integrity and honesty instead of fake ass-kissing”Alicia Elliott, writer

Read on for your one-way ticket to BossTown.

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