Relationships Horoscope 2018: Summer Love for Leo

Whether you're seeking a heated summer fling or a deeper connection with yourself, love is in the stars for you this season! Here's your summer love horoscope for Leo

Summer romance astrological sign illustration Leo

(Illustration by Chloe Cushman)

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is transiting through your sign from June 13 to July 9, bringing a big boost early this season.

Don’t be surprised if a secret admirer comes out of the woodwork, or if you get approached more than usual.

Your life will continue to light up as the sun moves through your sign from July 22 to August 23, helping you to feel loved and admired, whether you are committed or looking for love.

Treat yourself as the treasure that you are, Leo, and expect others to do the same. You can be deeply generous with your time, affection and energy, but this summer, it’s your turn to be spoiled.

Make a special wish for your love life this season and then go out and make it happen. Art galleries, painting classes, poetry readings and other creative spaces can help spark romance.

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