Relationships Horoscope 2018: Summer Love for Gemini

Whether you're seeking a heated summer fling or a deeper connection with yourself, love is in the stars for you this season! Here's your summer love horoscope for Gemini

Summer romance astrological sign illustration Gemini

(Illustration by Chloe Cushman)

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Your ability to connect with others on a deeper, more intuitive level is growing this season, Gemini.

Watch what comes up for you from July 26 to August 19 in particular. Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde in bright, boastful Leo.

This retrograde period might push you to look at the presence you bring to your relationships. Leo can be bold and dominant, and for you, its energy may highlight any tendencies to have the last word or dominate conversations.

You can attract soft, sensitive types right now but you will be expected to respond in kind. That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t say what you really feel. Don’t tone yourself down, but do use this as an opportunity to bring more compassion and patience into your relationships.

Where can these connections happen? Pay attention to the people you already know, like co-workers, friends and acquaintances.

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