Relationships Horoscope 2018: Summer Love for Capricorn

Whether you're seeking a heated summer fling or a deeper connection with yourself, love is in the stars for you this season! Here's your summer love horoscope for Capricorn

Summer romance astrological sign illustration Capricorn

(Illustration by Chloe Cushman)

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Commitment is a theme for you these days, in all areas of your world—including love.

Sometimes Capricorn has a tendency to push love aside, believing work is more important. With Saturn, your ruler, retrograde until September 6, you might be prompted to re-evaluate your true priorities.

What if you committed to love, or the possibility of love, as much as you do to everything else in your life?

Love is found when you decide to make time for it and this summer may be the beginning of some new ways of living, working and loving.

For partnered Capricorns, expect to make a deeper commitment to your love or reaffirm your feelings for each other.

For single Caps, let people see a different side of you: the one that is free-spirited, loving, carefree and loyal till the end.

In search of romance? Make this summer about fun and games—literally, like amusement parks, mini golf or cosmic bowling.

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