Mood-Boosting Horoscope: Self Care for Virgo

Fight the February blues and make slowing down your M.O. for 2018 with advice tailored to your astrological sign. Here's the best self care for Virgo

Virgo astrological sign

(Photo by Michael Crichton)

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

“Dream” is your mantra for the year, Virgo.

You can thrive in the dead of winter, especially when you give yourself lots of time and space to do absolutely nothing.
Get back to nature for some long walks. Or clear your calendar for an entire afternoon. If time isn’t on your side, try dipping into a hot bath before bed to help you unwind.

Remember that not everything has to be planned out to the last detail.

Sometimes self care comes in the form of allowing ourselves to just be. Let your innermost thoughts rise to the surface and show you what you need right now.

If you want to get creative in the process, explore collaging, scrapbooking or vision boards to get even more connected to yourself. Starting a dream journal can also be a fun way to channel your intuition, creativity and sense of self.

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