Self Care for Every Star Sign

Fight the February blues and make slowing down your M.O. for 2018 with the best self-care advice tailored to your astrological sign

Astrological signs against a starry backdrop

(Photo: iStock; Design: Leo Tapel)

“Slow” may very well become your mantra for 2018 – if you’re willing to give in to the change of pace.

In late December, Saturn ended its three-year transit through fiery Sagittarius and entered stabilizing Capricorn. This spring, Uranus will leave Aries and enter Taurus, another earth sign.

When we are under the influence of fire signs, things move fast. Fire burns brightly, but it can also burn us out. While we can accomplish herculean tasks, we’re at risk of taking on way too much, way too often. And to top it off, we also try to do it all on our own, as fire’s influence is highly independent.

Earth, however, takes its time. Saturn and Uranus are entering new eras that can help change the way you take care of yourself. It’s a time to learn how and when to slow down, honour your body, and make space for the things that matter most.

Read on for your self-care horoscope for 2018.

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