Mood-Boosting Horoscope: Self Care for Aquarius

Fight the February blues and make slowing down your M.O. for 2018 with advice tailored to your astrological sign. Here's the best self care for Aquarius

Aquarius astrological sign

(Photo by Michael Crichton)

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

“Sacred” is your mantra for 2018, Aquarius.

Saturn is doing a major sweep through your deepest thoughts this year, which means there are some personal changes in the works for you.

You tend to value ideas and experiences over status and security, and yet this can make you feel like a bit of an outsider at times.

If you feel that the world doesn’t always have a place for you, make your own. Start at home by creating a sacred space.

Set up an altar to hold all of your favourite, magical things.

Or create a cozy corner to retreat to at the end of the day. Get creative with it. Imagine that this is a special hub where you can meditate, sketch out some special plans or just chill for a few minutes at a time.

As you grow, you’ll appreciate having a place to witness your personal evolution.

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