"Sometimes Pettiness Is a Survival Tool:" Anne T. Donahue on the Glory of Scorpio Season

Tarot cards and crystals on a pink satin backdrop-inline

(Photograph: Saty + Pratha)

Some of my best friends are Scorpios.

Scorpios feel deeply and Scorpios are mysterious, and they’re dark and they’re vindictive and they’re loyal and they’re great. They are Drake and Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio and they will take revenge on anyone who’s wronged them. They are profound and they overthink and they will also drop you in an instant if you prove yourself untrustworthy. Scorpios are also my favourite people, which is why I live for Scorpio season: the time in which we can celebrate the best traits of our most beloved water sign, while wielding power by tapping into its “worst” ones. Take a Scorp’s predilection for pettiness: some people might define it as a bad thing. But during Scorpio season, it justifies the end of any toxic relationship. At times, pettiness is a necessary survival tool.

Scorpio season lets us act the way we need to.

That’s actually the ethos that accompanies all of the 12 zodiac seasons. We bask in the best characteristics of the sign in question while using its worst ones to justify doing what needs to be done (usually, to become the people we want to be). Even though we’ve always had access to those traits, we just need a little push. And as the world continues to descend into flames, now more than ever we need to feel like there’s something we can actually understand.

Tarot and crystal therapy have a similar appeal. In garbage times, we look inward and are drawn to ideologies and practices that existed long before Trump, before Weinstein, before Twitter, and before any of us came face to face with the perpetual feeling of panic that’s come to define us. When I started reading tarot cards in high school, they were a means of gaining perspective: I usually liked a boy, I wanted to know if I had a shot with him, and I embraced the cards as a means of gleaning some insight into (what I tended to know deep down) was a hopeless situation. Then the older I got, the more I came to understand that tarot works like a mirror, and you’ll never learn anything that you didn’t already know. Also: that it will never give you a definitive yes or no answer.

Which is important when it comes to learning to trust your own gut feelings and instincts. Like we do with the zodiac (and its corresponding seasons), we use tarot and crystal therapy as a means of investing in our own health and energies, tapping into and practicing rituals that have thrived for centuries, far away from our own realities and the dangers that go with them. I know I can’t control the world, but I can have the illusion of control through a tarot reading: I know what the cards mean, I can apply them to whatever situation I’m asking about, and I can come away with a plan of attack based on what I’ve learned. It’s small, but it feels mighty.

Which brings up back to Scorpio season. Until November 23, we get to channel Drake or Katy Perry or Leonardo DiCaprio or any other Scorpios we know and love. We can harness the parts of their personalities that we need to tap into to spark the necessary changes we’ve needed to make for a while. And by doing those things we get to take a break from the rest of the world; from what’s exhausting us or hurting us or making us feel alone.

And that’s why you’ll currently find me plotting revenge against my enemies while overanalyzing any and all situations I find myself in. And if any of you have a problem with that, I’ll cut you off in an instant and revel in my pettiness. It’s Scorpio season, and I’m here for it.

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