Your Horoscope For May 2019

On the 15th, there’s a softening of the transits—making it a good time to receive and give love, care and attention to the parts of your life that need it.

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May starts out feeling tough with Mercury square to Saturn. There’s no way to it but through it, my loves. Confront what isn’t working in your life so that you can find strategies and solutions that work. On May 15, there’s a softening of the transits—making it a good time to receive and give love, care, and attention to the parts of your life that need it. By the time that we move into Gemini season on the 21st, you can expect to either be exhausted or inspired. This month, seek balance between what needs to get done and what you need to feel right with yourself.


(Illustration: Kiki Ljung)

April 20-May 20
Each new accomplishment changes your worldview, and adjusts what you want. Look at the role of abundance and success in your life this month. Do you shrink away from too much attention? Do you allow it to corrupt your integrity? Or do you avoid expanding to your potential because you’re too attached to your struggles? Unpack and put away limiting beliefs this month. You have so much potential—it would be such a shame to waste it because of fear, my love.


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May 21-June 21
As you sort through old hurts and disappointments, you will find two important things, Twin Star: your truth and your strength. This isn’t the time to let your past define you—let it inform you, instead. This isn’t the time to do things as you’ve done them before—forge a new path. You don’t need to know how every detail of how you’re going to get there, but this is the time to refine your vision and take some steps forward.


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June 22-July 22
Everyone talks about balance, but what is it, really? This month you’re on call to regain equilibrium by cutting back on your activity level. If you’ve been pushing yourself too hard, it’s time to consider how to call your limits and manage your time more compassionately. Here’s a secret for you: how you do what you do is as important as the tasks, Moonchild.


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July 23-Aug. 22
Even if you’re changing in the best of directions, all change puts a series of unintended circumstances into motion. Sometimes this is a beautiful thing and sometimes, not so much. The key is to be acting in ways that are true for you, so that regardless of what others say or do, you’re good. Be brave instead of quick and honest instead of prideful, Leo. Follow your passions this month.


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Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Asserting boundaries is a meaningful and important step, but what about maintaining them? It’s one thing to voice your needs or limits and it’s another thing to embody them. Don’t wait for others to do the work for you, Virgo. Manage what you’re consenting to and do it without apology or defensiveness. When you feel resentful, it is likely because you’ve crossed your own line, my love.


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Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it, but those are the times when you need help the most. You’ve likely overextended yourself last month and need a minute to catch up. Simplify your obligations and responsibilities so that you can streamline the efforts you need to be putting out. You may need a little perspective and support, but you’re doing alright. Don’t shy away from asking for reinforcements this month, Libra.


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Oct. 23-Nov. 21
You don’t need to struggle with anyone over your boundaries, Scorpio. If a person doesn’t respect them, that’s all you need to know. Pay attention to what the people in your life are actually saying by believing their actions over their words. You don’t need to convince or change anyone—honour your stance by taking what others do at face value. People are always revealing themselves to you; it’s your job to listen.


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Nov. 22-Dec. 21
When you’re caught up in the throes of negative thinking, it is not the time to come to conclusions. This month, rein in your desire to get to a place of certainty when you’re all riled up. You are meant to explore and process this spring—not define and decide. Confront your fear of getting stuck so that it doesn’t compel you to grab at the lowest-hanging fruit instead of the juiciest fruit on the vine.


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Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Investing in what you care about takes time and patience as much as it takes effort and planning. This month is the time for hanging back and seeing what happens, finishing projects, and tending to your pre-existing commitments. If you take on more than what is already on your plate, you’re likely to have too much going on and drop the ball. Gestation is a powerful stage of development—don’t allow your FOMO to tell you otherwise.


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Jan. 20-Feb. 18
It’s time to shake things up, Aquarius! You’re moving through some heavy terrain this month, and there are bound to be changes. You may need to take a step back from some of what you’ve been leaning on, or change your approach unexpectedly. Don’t be so worried about the “right thing” that you stop investigating the truth of a thing. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to life. Find your truth and act from that place.


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Feb. 19-March 20
In order to grow into your future, you must first release your attachment to the past. When you look back, you’re not in the here and now, and that’s a lost opportunity. All you have is the present, Pisces. Don’t waste time lamenting what can’t be changed this month—no matter how tempting it is, or inevitable it seems. Allow yourself the peace of letting go of everything but this moment.


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March 21-April 19

It’s most tempting to hold on too tightly when you love something that you don’t want to lose. This month kicks off with some heavy feels and stressful thinking, but getting rigid in the face of fear is not the right way to go, Aries. Show up in the name of what (or who) you love. Channel your passions into actions that reflect what you want to see happen, my love.


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