2019 Horoscopes: What the Universe Has in Store for Your Sign!

Astrologist Liz Worth says that personal growth, abundance and travel figure high for all signs thanks to Jupiter's blessings

2019 horoscopes: signs in a circle on starry sky background

(Photo: iStock, Edit: Joel Louzado)

Are you ready for an action-packed year?

Things can happen fast now that Jupiter, planet of opportunity and expansion, is at home in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019. That means we’ll all get a little more luck this year.

Personal growth, abundance and travel can top everyone’s to-do lists with Jupiter’s blessings.

You’re probably wondering where the “but” comes in, right? In astrology, nothing is ever all good, or all bad. The flipside with Jupiter in Sagittarius is that it has a tendency to exaggerate.

Beliefs, viewpoints, gossip and opinions can all get blown way out of proportion, so all signs should take extra care with your words this year: 2019 can create a cosmic illusion that tricks us into thinking we are right, and everyone else is wrong.

Besides, Twitter wars are *so* 2018. With an eclipse series in Cancer and Capricorn this year, the universe is asking us to create a big shift in how we care for ourselves, and each other. This eclipse energy can act as a catalyst for more compassion and less distraction.

What can you make happen in 2019? Scroll through to find out.


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