New(ish) Year Resolutions: 2019 Horoscope For Pisces

Slow start this year? Don't sweat it—the stars say that big opportunities are coming. Read on to find out what's in store, Pisces!

2019 horoscope illustration of two fish

(Illustration by Lisa Vanin)

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You are starting to become clearer about your limits, desires and needs—that’s all going to help you to make the most out of 2019.

But you have to give back to yourself before you can start sharing your gifts with the world.

So think about where you are feeling empty, drained or tired. Lean into those places and promise yourself to heal them as completely as you can.

Here’s how you can take charge in life, love, and money:

Life: Your life’s purpose isn’t going to be found in any book, class or community. It’s already unfolding, right here, right now. Learn to love the path you are walking and trust that it’s leading you exactly where you need to be.

Love: Love and romance need boundaries, especially when it comes to what you will do for your sweetheart. A lover might ask you for a big favour this year, but know your own limits when it comes to how much you can help. Don’t let guilt eat away at you just because you can’t do everything for everyone all the time.

Money: There is no quick fix this year, so don’t bother looking for shortcuts. Put the work in and the money will follow.


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