Why CrossFitters and Yogis Are Having More Sex Than You

According to a survey by, single people who do CrossFit or yoga have better sex lives than those who exercise in other ways. Here’s why

CrossFit and yoga devotees have better sex lives than exercising singles who get their sweat on in other ways, according to a survey by (via

The survey, which is part of the dating site’s larger Singles in America study, found that people who do CrossFit have sex the most often and go on the most dates monthly. (Don’t get too excited, the numbers aren’t astronomical. The “most often” only means they’re having sex at least once a month and go on at least one date a year.)

The survey also found that bendy types are also more likely to get busy. However, it’s guys who do yoga who are the most likely to enjoy that particular perk.

Here are three reasons CrossFitters and yogis have the greatest sex appeal.


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1. CrossFitters talk to each other.
CrossFit’s community atmosphere isn’t for everyone, but it may be the reason more of its members are hooking up. “It’s much more social than in a regular gym,” says Jordan Symonds, co-owner of Reebok CrossFit Liberty Village in Toronto. Symonds says he put in his time at a big-box gym and found that a “leave me alone, don’t bug me, don’t hit on me” attitude dominated. In contrast with big-box gym training’s solitary confinement approach to exercise, CrossFit thrives on the “community” model. “People are much more engaging with each other, people tend to get to know other people and purposely train with them,” says Symonds.

2. CrossFitters hang out post-workout.
The social aspect of CrossFit thrives outside of the gym, too, which helps forge deeper bonds. “People tend to go out after a workout, whether it’s a group of people hanging out or people hooking up or whatever,” says Symonds. Need further convincing? Symonds met his fiancée at CrossFit and they now have a seven month-old. Dating and sex!


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3. Yoga guys are surrounded by yoga gals who are all about that mind-body connection (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
Guys who do yoga have a serious advantage because they’re usually in the minority at a yoga class, says Toronto-based yoga teacher Rhianna Keon. “Statistically, more women practise yoga than men. This means that the heterosexual male yogi has two advantages over other heterosexual men: they tend to be better lovers and have less competition.” Keon says the ancient practice’s emphasis on the “mind-body” connection may also account for the yoga dude’s skills when it comes to that other ancient practice (talking about sex here, folks). “Instructed and practised intelligently, yoga balances and enhances many mind-body functions that improve sexual experience and performance,” says Keon.

Women who practise yoga may also be primed to respond to an overture: “We know that regularly practising yoga can dramatically improve a woman’s hormonal balance, which can dramatically enhance her physical arousal.” And possibly her susceptibility to a man in wick-free short-shorts.