The Full-Body Workout You Can Do in Front of the TV

Sarah Robichaud, trainer and author of Getting Fit Without Hitting The Gym, offers five exercises you can do in your living room (TV optional)

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For each drill complete as many reps as you can in four minutes (the length of a commercial break).

Mountain Climbers
“Take a plank position and bring one knee into your chest. With a slight spring, switch sides, bringing in the opposite knee. Continue to alternate as fast as you can.”

“Place your right foot on something that will allow you to slide (on carpet, a Frisbee works; on a hardwood floor, try a tea towel). While bending your left leg, slide your right leg back into a runner’s lunge, being sure to keep your upper body upright and your right leg as straight as possible. Return to standing; repeat for two minutes. Then switch legs and repeat.”

Modified Push-Ups
“Placing your hands on the couch and your feet on the floor will take off some weight and allow you to keep going for the full four minutes. Make sure that your chest, not the top of your head, comes down to the couch, and keep your tailbone down.”

Ab Pull-In
“Grab your slider again to target the core. Take a plank position on the floor with your slider under both feet. Pull your knees in toward your nose and round your body into a ball. Then slide back, returning to a plank.”

Supercharged Dips
“Face away from the couch with your hands on the seat, your knees bent and your butt a few feet above the floor. As you drop down into a triceps dip, spring your feet apart as though you’re doing a jumping jack. As you push back up, jump your feet back together.”