The Boyfriend 15: Is your relationship making you fat?

Five reasons why your new relationship is getting to your waistline

Your new beau might be perfect in every way, but his eating habits are far from it. In your first few months together, you’ll pick them up and pack on the pounds quickly, says nutritionist Lorrie Ingram from Stratford, Ont. These are the five worst eating habits to watch for that will leave you struggling with your skinny jeans.

#1 More Carbs: Most men just don’t pay attention to how many carbs they eat. When you’re dating, you’ll be eating going out to dinner more often than you did when alone. “This means a lot more carbs, which quickly add up,” says Ingram. “And guys eat more pizza than women do so you’re probably getting more of that fatty, high carb food too.”

#2 Late Night Eating: Whether it’s post-date nightcap or movie nights with popcorn and M&Ms, you’re eating more frequently after 7 pm. Eating high calorie foods regularly will add pounds, plus eating a lot of calories late in the day doesn’t give your body a chance to burn anything off, says Ingram.

#3 Portion Size: “Men need more calories so they eat larger portions at every meal,” says Ingram. At romantic dinner-dates at home he’ll probably serve you much more than you would serve your self. Over time, you’re appetite will increase and you’ll start having more than you actually need.

#4 Frequent Fast Food: “Men typically eat more fast food than a woman because women generally take time to plan out meals for the day,” says Ingram. When you’re starting a new relationship, you’re spending more time out with him and your planning falls apart. When he suggests stopping for a quick sub before your skating date you’re starving and agree. “These on-the-go foods are higher calorie and often include bad carbs. This is a recipe for extra weight,” says Ingram.

#5 Additional alcohol: Beers while watching the game. A glass of white before dinner. A spiked coffee after a night at the theatre. Chances are you’re drinking more often than you did as a single woman. “You add a few hundred calories each time you have a drink,” says Ingram. Over the course of a week, that can equal a pound if you’re seeing each other a lot.