Stress Less & Chill More: A 12-Day Holiday Self-Care Challenge

Give yourself the gift of mental fortitude this month

self care

TranQool—a Toronto-based startup that connects people with certified therapists for affordable, secure video sessions—just launched another brill initiative: a 12-day challenge to build emotional resilience during what is perhaps the most emotionally-debilitating time of the year (happy holidays!).

The 12 Days of Strength Challenge kicked off on December 6 and runs until December 17. Download the e-book to follow along, and tune into daily Facebook Live broadcasts at 10:00 a.m. EST for explainers on each challenge; all are rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy. (It’s not too late to start; the first few exercises are v. easy to knock off.)

“The challenge is designed to help women build emotional resilience and strength as we end 2016 and prepare for 2017,” explains TranQool founder—and FLARE 60 Under 30 honoree—Chakameh Shafii. “It’s intended for anyone who feels overwhelmed, stressed or anxious in their everyday life but might have those feelings amplified during the holidays.” So in other words, all of us.

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