Reasons to Love Vancouver: They Invented #healthyliving

From free yoga on the beach to dedicated bike lanes, Vancouver makes it easy to adopt healthy habits

Kitsilano Beach Vancouver

Free yoga classes on Kitsilano Beach mean anyone with motivation and a mat can namaste (Photo: Grant Harder)

It’s tough to remember what came first—did Vancouverites invent the pants because they do so much yoga, or do they do so much yoga because they’re all wearing the pants? Whatever the answer, let’s just say its residents are comfortable with the downward dog. For evidence, stroll past Kitsilano Beach (pictured) on any given Monday, Wednesday or Friday evening to see the Lycra-clad getting their crow pose on at Karma Yoga (free classes for anyone with a mat or beach towel). This may be one reason Vancouver was number four, up there with Copenhagen and Okinawa, on CNN’s 2014 ranking of the world’s healthiest cities.

Another reason? The past 20 years have seen a 75 percent increase in the number of people who live and work downtown, which means every morning many city dwellers walk or cycle one of the core’s bike lanes, instead of hopping into cars and road raging to drive-time radio (ahem, Toronto).

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