On the Rag: Know Your Flow

We're celebrating shame-free periods and all of the messy mishaps and new tech tools that prove our menses nothing to be embarrassed about

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New apps are helping women better understand their cycles and take control of their reproductive health. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or just want to know when to expect the red menace, there’s an app for that.

Eve By Glow Billed as an app “everyone with a vagina needs,” Eve tracks your period efficiently, but it’s as much about your sexual health as it is your menses: you can log PMS symptoms, moods and data on your sex life (including whether it was mind-blowing or just ehhh) to identify patterns and share with other women on Eve’s message board. Plus, there are built-in time-wasters, like Buzzfeed-style quizzes (“What’s your sex spirit animal?”), and you can ask other Eve users for relationship advice. It’s free, immersive and fun. 

LoonCup A smart version of The DivaCup, this Bluetooth-embedded silicone insert senses when it’s getting full and sends notifications to your phone. It can also detect changes in the colour of your blood, which may indicate health issues. (For example, light pink could mean you have low estrogen levels, which can cause a dip in libido.) The device can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter—where it’s already exceeded its fundraising goal by 321 percent—for $55. That’s $15 more than a plain cup; you decide if having a robot in your vagina is worth the extra cash. 

Leaf by BellaBeat A sleek piece of wearable tech, this little metal leaf (pictured above) clips to your lapel, necklace or bracelet and connects to an app. Using your input into the app, plus haptic technology (that’s vibration, for all you wearable-tech newbies), it tracks your sleep, physical activity, menstrual cycle and ovulation. It will also count your calories and remind you via push notifications to take your birth control, do your daily meditation or get the hell out of bed. Kind of like a life coach (and only moderately cheaper at $150).


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