Libido Boosters

Switch up your diet and turn up the heat in your sex life

It’s no secret that stress is the modern barricade to a healthy sex drive. But did you know that what you eat can add to your stress levels and shutdown your desire? “A poor diet is a stress on your body just like a big presentation at work or problem at home would be,” says Andrea Lee-McMillan, a registered holistic nutritionist and certified personal trainer. Unhealthy food choices can leave you zapped of energy and feeling generally unsexy, so to heighten your libido, switch up your diet. Try these five healthy foods this week and get ready for some passion.

#1 Ginger root: This spicy herb stimulates your circulation system, which boosts blood flow to the genitals and leaves you more sensitive and aroused. Lee-McMillan says the effect is stronger when you use fresh ginger, so add it to your stir fry or grate some into a home-made salad dressing.  

#2 Halibut: “It’s a rich source of magnesium, which is known to elevate testosterone levels in the body,” she says. When there’s extra testosterone in your system your energy and desire for sex intensifies.

#3 Asparagus: Have asparagus as a side dish with your halibut dinner for double whammy for your sex drive. “It’s full of vitamin E, which contributes to the production of sex hormones,” says Lee-McMillan. Plus it contains folate, a substance your body needs to successfully have an orgasm.

#4 Pumpkin Seeds: “These are an inexpensive and easy way to add zinc to your diet,” she says. Zinc is another known testosterone booster. Low levels of zinc in women have been directly linked to a decreased libido. Pumpkin seeds are also full of omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate prostaglandins, a hormone-like substance that supports sexual health.

#5 Red Wine: A recent Italian study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who drank one to two glasses of red wine a day had a greater desire for sex. The women also had an easier time becoming lubricated and had better sex overall. Researchers believe the antioxidants in red wine help relax the arteries and improve circulation, which improves blood flow to key areas.