On the Rag: I Tried 3 Pairs of Period Underwear

We’re celebrating shame-free periods and all of the messy mishaps and new tech tools that prove our menses nothing to be embarrassed about

period panties

Thinx These cotton-elastane hip-huggers, which look like granny panties as imagined by Victoria’s Secret, claim to soak up two tampons’ worth of blood. I wore them sans plug on my heaviest day, and they were super comfy and leak-free, though by mid-afternoon, they emitted a mild metallic scent, so I reached for the Tampax. I’d wear them again, but on a lighter day. $47,

period pantiesLuna Pads This Vancouver-based, eco-friendly fabric pad company also makes cute cotton-Spandex undies with a pocket built into the crotch, where you insert a washable cotton pad. I wore them on day three, which is always a bloodbath, and the removable liners held up well for about eight hours. The only drawback? Camel toe in front; hot dog bun in back. They’re good for nighttime but not discreet enough for day. $35, period panties

Knix Wear Knix’s sporty Everyday Seamless Bikini with leak-proof liner is designed to act either as backup to your go-to mode of protection or for going solo on light-flow days. I tried a pair sans other protection and found it readily absorbed and concealed my end-of-period dribs and drabs, though the crotch was a bit stiff to begin with—and starchy after a few hours. $22,

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