How can I make my hair stronger?

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Question: I have very coarse thick hair that constantly breaks as it grows, leaving me unable to achieve that long sleek look. I have tried every moisturizing, anti-breakage treatment there is! Is there anything you could suggest to make my hair stronger?


Hair strengthening treatments with protein can have the opposite effect on your hair if you overuse them. Protein buildup can make your hair dull, hard and brittle. I suggest you use a protein-based mask once a week for a month, and then take a hiatus before treating your hair again. If you’re trying to tame natural curls, note that a buildup of anti-frizz products containing silica can also cause hair to snap. Instead, try a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to reduce frizzies (apply it to towel-dried hair and allow your do to air-dry) and avoid breakage.

If you have the time and money, go to a salon that carries L’Oreal Professionnel or Kerastase products. Both haircare lines offer in-salon treatments to boost you do’s condition, plus you’ll be able to speak to an educated hair stylist who can provide you with a personal plan of action to make your tresses strong and gorgeous.

Good Luck!

– Juliette Lie, Beauty Editor