How can I fix my many-times-dyed hair to be all one color?

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Question: I’ve been dying my hair for a year or two now. My hair is lighter on top and darker towards the bottom. How can I fix it to all be one color?

Answer: It’s difficult for me to assess your best over-the-counter option because I’m not familiar with the condition of your hair. I don’t know how healthy it is (or isn’t), plus I don’t know if your hair is naturally light or naturally dark and which shade you want to maintain.

With such limited info, a DIY disaster is highly likely, so I advise making an appointment at the salon with a pro colourist to correct your shade, especially if your hair is naturally light— they may have to strip your hair of the darker shade, then dye it to your desired new shade, a double process best done by an expert. Be honest with them regarding when you had your last treatment. If you don’t allow for enough time between processes, your hair could literally get fried and maybe even fall out.

– Juliette Lie, Beauty Editor