Harley Pasternak's New Body Reset Diet

While we may live in a world where many diets fail, Harley Pasternak's The Body Reset Diet promises you'll lose weight in just 5 days

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After the success of 2009’s The 5-Factor Diet — a lifestyle plan of eating five meals a day, featuring five ingredients, that take only five minutes to prepare — author, nutritionist and personal trainer Harley Pasternak is back with The Body Reset Diet. When we met the Toronto-born-and-bred trainer who now calls Los Angeles home, he was in running shoes eating an apple — just what you would expect from the sought after trainer to Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry. We sat down with Pasternak to find out why the new program works and how it can lead to weight loss in 15 days.

What was the inspiration for The Body Reset Diet?

I was working on The Revolution, a talk show on ABC, and I was responsible for helping all these women across the U.S lose weight. I put them on the The 5-Factor Diet and there was some great results, but I was really interested in the women that weren’t succeeding on the program. I took the time to fly across the country to talk to them personally…to understand what were their lives like, why is this not connecting with them. I soon realized that the main reason was time, a lot of people don’t have the time to shop and cook and boil and steam; and the second reason was that people don’t have the confidence, they’ve tried everything in the past and nothing has worked. So here’s what we’re going to do, I’m going to create a very brief and effective safe rapid weight loss program that will give people the tools to keep the weight off once they lose it.

How does the Body Reset Diet work?

Sometimes you want to wake up New Year’s Day and just press this reset button, and that’s what the Body Reset Diet is. You’re resetting your metabolism, your appetite, your palette, your digestion, so it’s not just about rapid weight loss, it’s about resetting your health, and the cravings you normally crave. We’re creating the tools and the structure that you can keep on with the rest of your life. So on the Body Reset Diet, it’s three phases: phase one is five days, three smoothies, two crunchy snacks, and then every phase we drop a smoothie and add a solid meal. When you’re done the fifteen days, you get two free meals a week.

What’s in the smoothies that make them a complete meal?

Every single smoothie, snack and meal all have a protein, fibre and healthy fat. And we’re getting an excess of 150 percent of every micro-nutrient you can ever imagine. You’re getting healthy fats, ample fibre and protein.

How does one maintain their weight loss after the 15 days are up?

Because of the way I’ve staged it, by the time you’re in day 11, phase three, you’re eating the way you should be for the rest of your life. Basically you’re on The 5-Factor Diet.

How does physical activity fit into the program?

While you’re on the Body Reset Diet, I have you stay away, hopefully for good, from crazy cardio. I get you to start moving more from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. I make it lifestyle thing and not a daily activity that you have to carve out time for. For the resistance training, I’ve lowered the volume of the resistance training because I want to make it a daily activity where you’re doing only five minutes everyday.

If you want to lose weight for the summer season and adopt healthy food choices for life, then Pasternak’s program could be for you. As with any diet plan, please check with your doctor before you begin. For more information, check out Harley Pasternak’s book, The Body Reset Diet, available now.