FLARE Dare: Nancy Won Gives Up Sugar, Days 6 and 7

Fashion news editor Nancy Won tries kicking her sugar habit for 10 days straight.


The Weekend
I survived an entire work week of no candy and no carbs and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty amazing. My cravings have subsided and my withdrawal rage is gone, but it’s the weekend now, which means it’s a whole new ball game. I don’t have any meetings, articles, interviews or an exploding inbox to distract me for 8 hours straight. Instead, I have 2 days full of temptations at every turn, not to mention a cruel husband who has no problem devouring a burger and milkshake in my face (thanks!).

My Saturdays are often spent eating and shopping my way through Chinatown and Kensington Market, where sweets and carblicious foods abound. Going under these circumstances would be asking for trouble. Of course that’s exactly where I end up and I spend all day turning away custard tarts at dimsum, butter tarts at coffee and lemon tarts at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky (I really like tarts). I weather it all with remarkable poise until 4:17pm when the sight of a toddler holding a dulce de leche churro stops me dead in my tracks. I had what you might call a moment of crisis: Why am I doing this to myself? What is the point? Would it really be so bad…? It occurs to me that this internal dialogue sounds like crazy addict talk, so I snap myself out it and start thinking about non-sugary things I enjoy, like the beach and peonies and Diet Coke… #$&%! Where’s a mango when you need one?

Day 6 state of mind: Is it Monday yet???


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