The drink behind Audrina Patridge’s amazing body

Q: I’ve heard Audrina Patridge takes daily shots of wheatgrass to lose weight. Does it work?

A: There was a big viral buzz recently when The Hills star Audrina Patridge hailed wheatgrass shots to be a diet-miracle on her blog. Known for her love of itty-bitty bikinis, Patridge wrote that they clean out her system and control her weight.

Other followers of the wheatgrass-wave claim that just one ounce of the plant’s liquid is equivalent to two-and-a-half pounds of leafy greens. Though the juice is jam-packed with vitamins C, E and B carotene, there are only a few studies showing its weight-loss effects. A small amount of research also reveals it may have healing qualities for some stomach conditions such as ulcerative colitis.

Montreal-based registered dietitian Kate Comeau, however, is quick to point out that the facts have yet to be proven. “There is very little scientific evidence [supporting] the role of wheatgrass in detoxification.”

With leafy greens and whole grains proven to cleanse the body, Comeau recommends a simple balanced diet, including “leafy greens and orange vegetables, berries and other fruits,” as the most effective way to shed pounds.

Wheatgrass does have an undeniably high antioxidant capacity, Comeau notes, so it may be a beneficial addition to your diet. Just note that too much can cause nausea and vomiting, so—as is the general rule with all dieting— moderation is key.