5 Ways the Redesigned NTC App Makes Us Actually Want to Work Out

The popular app is rebooting to motivate users with highly personalized workouts and loads of cool new features

NTC app

Real talk: I will choose brunch over burpees (which even sound gross) any day of the week but even I’ve seen enough friends posting about their #fitfam and raving about the NTC app to be at least curious. Now, with the app’s mega makeover, it feels like the developers were spying on me since it’s all about the personal. As in, it takes into account my personal fitness goals and busy schedule and myriad excuses (but BRUNCH!) so that when I do finally lace up (I swear I will) I’m getting a very individual and super tailored experience designed to help me get active…and stop watching Netflix. I spoke on the phone with Jay Lee, Nike Senior Product Director, as he walked me through the app’s fab new features and got me stoked about the prospect of working out.

1. It’s kind of like having a personal trainer (who will def never judge you).
One of the app’s most significant changes is adding customization tools that allow for a workout suited to each user. “We’re all about serving our athletes a virtual trainer in their pockets,” says Lee. After you answer six quick questions, a specific plan is built to target your fitness goals with your height, weight, equipment availability and time spent all factored in—no two people’s experiences will be the same. Post-workout, you’ll be asked to rate how challenging the program was, which tracks your fitness levels over time and allows the app to select the best workouts for you.

2. It’s got over 100 brand new workouts.
“Routines have been re-worked from the ground up,” says Lee. Inspired by the world’s top athletes and Nike master trainers, these new routines are now part of the larger collection that itself already includes over 100 workouts. The new options are divided by skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and considerations like duration, exercise, and training goal.

3. There will be guest appearances from some v. #fitspo-rational stars.
Every Tuesday, the app will release a new Featured Workout, inspired and sometimes designed by an athlete or fitspo queen, like Ellie Goulding’s hugely popular NTC collab that launched last year. Some bold names to look out for on the new app: Serena Williams and Brazilian footballer Neymar as well as special workouts throughout the Rio Olympics.

4. It can link to Spotify for never-ending training jamz
No need to worry if your iTunes library is in desperate need of new tracks to pump you up. The app now seamlessly integrates with Spotify, thanks to the brand partnering with the music streaming behemoth last year, and you can access Nike-curated playlists like the current one created by funnyman and gym enthusiast Kevin Hart or play DJ yourself and launch Spotify and then switch over to the NTC app.

5. It’s made to share with your #fitfam
The redesign also includes more fun motivational stickers to add to your workout pics, better photo sharing and tagging features so all of your gym pals or running club members get in on the good vibes. And because even a virtual buddy will help boost motivation, all the workouts include videos of an athlete going through each of the exercises for the duration. You can check your form against theirs and feel like you’re not sweating it out solo.

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