5 Online Workouts to Save You a Trip to the Gym

There’s no need to venture into November’s premature polar vortex in order to get an effective workout—here are five websites that offer everything from quick HIITs to full length cardio


(Photo: iStock)

(Photo: iStock)

The gym can be a great release after a long day spent warming an office chair. It can also be mind-numbingly boring and monotonous after an arduous 9 to 5. And winter’s chill makes it even harder to get to 7 a.m. spin class, right?

The good news: you can get a decent sweat on at home. Many of the world’s top trainers have starting offering their services online and at a rate you can afford. Here are five workout sites to check out.


Physique 57 Kelly Ripa and October cover star Mindy Kaling have both endorsed Physique 57’s method, which takes a grueling barre-inspired approach to sculpting that much-hyped dancer’s body. Now, Canadians can get access to the U.S.-based company’s technique at home. Choose from cardio (30 minutes) or strength training (30 minutes) videos, or go whole hog and do 57 minutes of full body work (prepare to feel the burn, the shake, and the subsequent muscle failure).

Physique 57 also offers a pre-natal workout for expectant mothers who want to maintain a taut tush.

Buy workouts individually—between $5 and $10 a class or get unlimited monthly access for $57.

AKT InMotion NYC-based trainer Anna Kaiser is the energetic body sculptor behind such A-list stars as Sarah Jessica Parker and Shakira. Kaiser is now offering her insanely difficult, but wickedly effective cardio-dance/HIIT/resistance training method to the likes of you and me. Workout videos are short (around 10 minutes) and can be purchased individually, or are divvied up into a themed 40-minute total body workout. The site also allows you to purchase Kaiser’s outfits in the online store, if you’re so inclined. Bundle of four videos: $30. Individual workouts: $8.

Ballet Beautiful Ballerina Mary Helen Bowers is the elegant woman responsible for Natalie Portman’s dancer’s body in Black Swan. She’s also a former ballerina with the New York City Ballet. The go-to trainer of fashion it-girls (Alexa Chung is a fan), Bowers offers a range of ballet-inspired workouts on her site, everything from a Bikini Blast to intro-level cardio and prenatal workouts. Choose to buy individual workouts ($10), or sign up for unlimited streaming ($40/month).

Free, free, free

BeFit BeFit offers subscribers a pretty sweet deal: solid workout videos from top trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks, Denise Austin and yogini Tara Stiles… for free. In addition, the channel boasts an extensive selection of workouts in a range of exercise genres from a host of lesser-known trainers, as well as its own customized 30- and 90-day workout plans.

JessicaSmithTV Trainer and wellness expert Jessica Smith could very well become your new workout buddy. Her comprehensive site has been singled out repeatedly for its quality advice. Smith, a contributor to Shape magazine, offers an extensive number of workout videos for free streaming. Pressed for time? You can opt to do a 13-minute plyo/HIIT routine that will make you realize how brutal (and effective) 13 minutes of high intensity effort can be. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Smith offers a vast array of workout options from abs to dumbbells to kickboxing and everything in between.


YouTube The site has pretty much everything (including an extensive library of current fitness DVDs that you’d, um, usually have to buy). Feel like cardio dancing? There are solid YouTube options here and here. Want to finally dust off that kettlebell you bought two years ago? There’s a kettlebell-inspired workout that will suit.