Add these items to your menu and enjoy the benefits inside and out

Q: What foods can I eat to improve my skin?

A: Eating well isn’t just essential for good health; it also comes with beauty benefits. “The skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside,” explains Joey Shulman, Toronto-based registered nutritionist and author of The Natural Makeover Diet. Here are just a few of her favourite foods for gorgeous-looking skin:

#1 Fish or fish oil.
“Omega-3s are so important for anti-aging,” says Shulman. Adding these essential fatty acids – found in fish like salmon, sardines and anchovies – to your diet can make fine lines look less noticeable after just one month, she explains. Think of them as a “moisturizer” that works from the inside out. Plus, omega-3s have an anti-inflammatory effect, which can help reduce under-eye puffiness.

#2 Blueberries. As one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits, blueberries are high in vitamin C, a staple ingredient in many collagen-boosting skin creams. “They’re also a great source of soluble and insoluble fibre,” says Shulman, who notes that staying regular can help diminish acne in some people.

#3 Almonds. Instead of your usual midday muffin, have a dozen of these nuts for what Shulman calls “the perfect snack.” They’re loaded with vitamin E, which can help reduce the appearance of scars, she explains.

#4 Green tea. Trade in your sugary pop habit for this antioxidant-rich drink. “It has a polyphenol called EGCG, which some call ‘the fountain of youth.’ Maybe that’s a stretch, but it does help reduce free-radical damage, which is known to cause signs of aging.”

#5 Parsley. “It’s a very effective detoxifier, and it’s also high in vitamin A, which is important for skin repair and for maintaining skin cells,” says Shulman. If you’re deficient in this nutrient, you might find that your skin tends to feel parched.