3 Free Meditation Apps to Focus Your Mind

Soothe midwinter sads with three free meditation apps

Winter Survival Guide Health Editorial

Dress, Honor. Headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2. Photo by Saty + Pratha

For Budding Buddhists
Mindfulness has become so trendy, it’s easy to forget meditation is an ancient practice intended to bring about enlightenment. Buddhist Meditation Trainer (Android) offers “10 levels of enlightment,” each of them a five- minute breathing exercise accompanied by a calm voice that whispers Buddhist quotes like “You only lose what you cling to.”

For Fans of TM
On Ananda: Living in Love (iPhone and iPad), celeb doctor Deepak Chopra guides listeners through 22 Transcendental Meditation sessions with a voice that sounds like tinkling chandeliers. The app also lets you mix and match spa-like songs with mantras, so you can become your own Zen DJ.

For Playlisters
Omvana (iPhone and iPad) is the Spotify of meditation apps, with a catalogue of more than 500 mellow tunes and guided exercises with themes like “Let Go of Your Past” and “Rewrite Your Life Story.”