Your 2018 Love, Work, Sisterhood & Power Forecast

What's in store for your love life, career, friendships and personal fulfillment? Cool-girl astrologer Liz Worth tells all

Change is in the air in 2018.

After spending the last three years in Sagittarius, taskmaster Saturn recently entered earthy Capricorn in late December. Saturn is at its full power in Capricorn, where it will stay until March 2020.

Capricorn rules stability, practicality, structure and organization, so expect the coming months to bring some major reality checks around work, finances and ambition. You might have to face some hard questions: What will it take to make your dreams a reality? Where do you need to take on more responsibility? How are you wasting your time?

When it comes to growth and maturity, 2018 can be a turning point—if you are willing to do the work that Saturn asks of you.

On May 15, we see another major transit, when Uranus enters Taurus, another sign connected to work and money. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1935 to 1942, an era marked by the Great Depression. There is nothing subtle about this planet, which rules revolution, innovation, and rebellion. This year can be the beginning sweeping economic change, but with Uranus’s unpredictable energy, it remains to be seen how this will all play out.

Not that 2018 is going to be all work and no play. Later in the year, Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, returns home to Sagittarius. Jupiter opens doors and encourages you to think big.

Take note from Saturn’s influence and think about how you can make your goals and plans foolproof as the year unfolds, because the major lesson weaving through 2018 is to do whatever you can to take control of your destiny.

Want a more specific look at the year ahead? Here’s what’s in store for each sign.

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