8 Hideous Fashion Trends That Can Stay in 2018

Thank u, next

This past year, the fashion gods blessed us with a plethora of 10/10 trends: bold acrylic jewellery, cute woven bags and leopard-print everything, to name a few of our faves. But it seems like for every chic trend that came to the forefront, so did one that was completely bizarre and had us asking, “Seriously? But whyyy?!”

Many of the fashion misses of the year seem to have been inspired by the streetwear and athleisure craze, taking the most casual items of clothing and turning them into statement pieces. We’re definitely here for stylish sweatpants, and fanny packs are pure genius, but some of these pieces—like Spandex bike shorts—we just can’t get behind.

Other regrettable 2018 trends were throwback styles from the ’90s and ’00s that we never thought we’d see again—or, at least, we hoped. And then there are the truly mind-boggling ones, like designer Crocs, that have us convinced the fashion industry is simply trolling us.

Ahead, eight of the wildest and worst fashion trends of 2018 that we are  happy to bid adieu to in 2019.

Designer Plastic Bags

Two plastic Celine shopping bags carrying a black and green wallet.


This year’s version of the high-end Ikea tote was a designer plastic shopping bag. That’s right: the flimsy carryalls that grocery stores are fazing out are being sold by brands like Celine for a casual $790.

Tiny Sunglasses


A model wearing small red sunglasses

Gentle Monster Sunglasses, $305,

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that tiny sunglasses had people talking in 2018. Celebs like Bella Hadid seemed to effortlessly pull them off, but we’re seriously concerned about her eye health because there’s no way these frames are blocking UV rays.

Bike Shorts

A model wearing bike shorts

TNA Atmosphere Short, $38,

Did tiny, tight bike shorts take the athleisure trend too far in 2018? We’ll let you be the judge—because we certainly don’t want to test these out.

Crocs Collabs

Yellow Crocs shoe

(Photo: Crocs)

Just when you thought Crocs collabs were *finally* a thing of the past, Post Malone went ahead and partnered with the shoe brand to create limited-edition rubber clogs that no one asked for. Believe it or not, there apparently is a massive market for these, because the first release sold out in 10 minutes and pairs are being resold for more than $1,000!

Puffer Dresses

A blue puffer dress on a black background

Moncler Pierpaolo Piccioli Dress, $3,631,

As the days get colder, we’re beginning to think that the puffer dress trend, which Milly Bobby Brown sported at Milan Fashion Week, isn’t such a bad idea after all…but then we took a look at the price tag of this Moncler option—equivalent to a couple of months’ rent—and immediately were checked back to reality.

Sporty Shades

A model in large black sunglasses and a red sweater

Illesteva Managua D-frame acetate sunglasses, $348,

Kim K tried (and failed) to make a lot of things cool this past year, like wrap-around style sunglasses that resemble the pair your dad owned in the ’90s. Here’s hoping that we start seeing regular-sized sunglasses in 2019.

Fashion Rubber Gloves

A model from Calvin Klein's Spring 2018 show

Calvin Klein Spring 2018 (Photo: ImaxTree)

Designer Raf Simons sent models down the runway at Calvin Klein’s Spring 2018 show wearing extra-long rubber gloves (yes, like the kind that you clean your toilet with) and we were—and still are—très confused.

Bootcut Jeans

Flare blue jeans from Zara

Zara jeans, $50,

While we’re glad that super skinny jeans are finally becoming a thing of the past, we’re not so thrilled that bootcut jeans are replacing them. Sure, this trend hasn’t fully taken off yet, but GQ claims it’s only a matter of time, and we seriously need to do something before that happens.


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