Work it out

Staying fit while living on campus isn’t always easy. Here are our top tips for your best campus bod

Work it out
Staying fit while living on campus isn’t always easy. Here are our top tips for your best campus bod


On a budget


Colleges and Universities often offer free or subsidized gym memberships to students. If you have to pay a token fee to join, reduce your beer and pizza budget, this may be all the extra money you’ll need to stay fit and healthy.

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Check out the scene

Many Canadian campus’ are situated on or close to beautiful neighbourhoods and parklands.  There are often trails and walking routes that are well lit and busy.  Grab a friend or two and get walking. 

Tip: When you’re on the go keep your essentials safely stashed. Shoe wallet, $3/10, La Senza Spirit.

No room is too small

Most dorm rooms are itsy-bitsy, but don’t let that stop you from getting a full workout.  Use your body weight as resistance and get creative.  Push the chairs aside (move the laundry off the floor!) and clear a space. 

Tip: Cushion your body  with a yoga mat. These yoga and pilates mats are both thick and stylish. Available at Winners.

Tip: Grab your heaviest text book and do some bicep curls. 


Make a Splash

Swimming pools are generally available to students for a minimal charge per use.  Swimming is one of the best total body workouts.  Try some lap swimming, aqua-fit or open swim. 

Tip: Mix and match bikini tops and bottoms! Form meets function in the Axcelerate line from Speedo. Top and bottom from the Speedo Axcelerate 2008 Cruise Collection. ( 

Be a Groupie! 

There are a plethora of ‘groups’ (running, biking, hiking) you can.  Tap into the schools’ website or pick up a resource book to see the spectrum of what’s available.

Tip: Retro sneakers always make the grade. Retro Aztec Leather, $89.99, Scarlett Hearts RBK. 

Join intramurals
Who would have thought inner tube water polo was so popular?  Recreational leagues are exercise and great for the social scene.  Good laughs, exercise and friendships- what could be better?
There are plenty of organized sports teams available at competitive levels. Why not try out?
For more about nutrition, visit Joanne’s website