Wonderland Baubles

Fall down the rabbit hole over these Swarovski gems

The March release of Tim Burton’s ode to Alice Kingsley is being met with anticipation from film and fashion fanatics alike.

Rabbit hole or not, the new collection of Swarovski jewelry for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is definitely worth falling for. Capture the mood in Swarovski’s whimsical accessories. Each piece hints at an iconic Alice reference. The highlights include a grinning Cheshire Cat pendant, Red Queen ring and earrings, Mad Hatter spool and scissors bracelet, and White Rabbit and tea-party charm necklaces. The gems are in perfect compliment to the fantasy trend which was all over the spring runways—see Giles and Miu Miu for playful childlike references. 

Hot on the heels of Swarovski’s collaboration, Stella McCartney and Tom Binns are also offering jewelry in partnership with Disney. 

Influential Paris department store Au Printemps went one step further.  The retailer has commissioned Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester to design a dress for an elaborate window display inspired by the surrealist tale.  Like Alice and her peculiar cast of characters, these new collaborations prove curious is Queen.