WeCanada Launches Awareness Initiative for Earth Summit 2012

Learn how to participate in the awareness initiative for the world Earth Summit 2012.

Nicole Bridger ss2011

The Earth Summit 2012 (The UN Conference on Sustainable Development) is still over a year away but WE CANADA has started the ball rolling with an initiative towards the creation of series of events and fundraisers for 2011 to raise awareness and participation in the upcoming world event.  

Just this December, Vancouver hosted the launch of the WeCanada campaign with Nicole Bridger acting as a voice for the fashion industry.  From its inception, Bridger’s line has worked towards a sustainable approach to fashion: “I use fabrics that have a smaller footprint like organic cotton, linen and hemp. I also use man made fabrics that are derived from FSC certified forests like Tencel and Modal. I use animal friendly fabrics like organic wool and peace silk, which doesn’t kill the worm. I choose fabrics that use low impact dyes,” she tells  But more importantly and a message that is strong within the WeCanada initiative is the people.  Bridger is firm on this point:  “So we use factories that have ethical work environments and fair wages. We use a factory in Vancouver to do our sewing and have a close relationship with them. We also use fair trade factories when we source overseas”.  

If you missed out on the speaker series at the Fortune Club in Vancouver, fret not, check out for regular updates on upcoming events across Canada for 2011.