Wayne Clark Launches Handbag Collection on The Shopping Channel

The Canadian designer on his first foray into accessible accessories and what women want from their bags

Q: This being your first handbag collection, what do you think the modern woman is looking for from her accessories?
A: “A great bag. I have had a hard time trying to figure out exactly what that is – I thought to myself about the styles I personally like. The very first great bag that I got was the Prada messenger bag. I loved it. It did everything for me—it looked great, it held everything that I wanted. Women find the bag that works for them. That’s what my customer will do. Buy one, and fall in love. I think about practical things like zippers, because it snows and rains here.”

Q: What was the inspiration behind the names of various styles?
A: “There is the Jane, after Jane Fonda. There is the Katie after my little dog. We also did the Polley iPad case after Sarah Polley.”

Q: You’re known for your luxurious evening-wear aimed at the elite, but this new line features 12 styles nicely priced between $150-$350. Why is it important to you now to create a more accessible collection?
A: “There are women out there who have been customers of mine for a long time. They might not be able to wear my dresses anymore. Instead, she wears my jewellery and loves it. She may not do a Wayne Clark gown, but she can certainly carry a Wayne Clark bag.”

The Wayne Clark handbag collection goes on sale on The Shopping Channel today