Watch Now: Model Crystal Renn speaks out about the public scrutiny over her weight

The plus-sized model comes under fire over recent wight loss

Photo By Getty Images

It appears that model Crystal Renn can’t seem to catch a break. Like so many high-profile models and celebrities her weight seems to be a constant source of public scrutiny. After building a career on being the most famous plus-sized model in the business, her recent slim down has sparked heated debates in the media and she has come under fire over her new svelte figure. In a new video interview on her agency Ford’s blog, she speaks out about the public upheaval over her recent weight loss claiming, “I feel pressure probably more than any place from the public and the media. I think by placing a title on my head — which is plus-size — and then the picture that these people have created in their mind about what plus-size actually is, I basically fail you just with that, because I couldn’t possibly live up to that”. We think it’s very brave that she is willing to stand up to the public and that she is not willing to change her shape to conform to public pressure. Hopefully she gets the last word.