Watch Now: Fashion For The Cyclist

Liz Cabral, Fashion Director, shares her tips to ride in style

Watch Now: Fashion For The Cyclist

Photo by Anthea Simms

From rent-a-bikes to pay-per-ride services, cycling in the city is back in style. With summer in full swing, we’re ready to take a ride in looks that balance function with fashion. The rise in improved bike lanes and easy to use services like Bixi have allowed commuters to take a second look at riding to work and for leisure.

As more bikes are bought, fashion designers are catching on to and have started to create styles that integrate ride-friendly features like reflective tape trim, well vented gear, durable fabrics and washes, and stylish helmets that top off the look.

Liz Cabral, FLARE Fashion Director, shares two top tips when riding in style: “I try to put something on that’s a bit more roomy [and] of course [wear pieces made of] breathable fabrics [like] great silk shirts”

Watch Now: Liz Cabral and a clique of cycle enthusiasts chat about the best  fashion for riders and new styles coming this fall.

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