Why Is No One Talking About The Problematic Looks At the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show RN?!

We're super disappointed in you, VS

Adriana Lima walking in the 2017 Victoria's Secret fashion show

(Photo: Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret)

While we were initially stoked to watch the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, photos have started to trickle in (the show was filmed yesterday in Shanghai) and we’ve noticed a huge problem.

From Indigenous-inspired feathered “wings” to not-so-subtle takes on African beadwork, there’s obvious cultural appropriation going on the runway.  The direct source of inspiration for certain looks is unclear (which is a problem in and of itself), but it’s evident that there’s some bad “borrowing” happening—and it ain’t cool at all.

The look sported by supermodel Adriana Lima, which included beaded necklaces, armbands and embellished sandals, obviously resemble Maasai culture in particular. Maasai art is dominated by beadwork, according to the Maasai Association, and designs differ from various communities. While we can’t speak for a culture we’re not a part of, it’s safe to assume that traditional Maasai attire doesn’t include made-in-Bangladesh satin thongs.

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Model Alessandra Ambrosio also donned a problematic design, with a Maasai-inspired layered beaded necklace to go for that “tribal” look that’s apparently in season. Seriously, VS, do you not read a newspaper?! WHO DOES YOUR PR? FIRE THEM, IMMEDS.

Victoria’s Secret has a history of cultural insensitivity, but we really hoped the global fashion brand had learned from their past mistakes. While we wait for the show to air on Nov. 28, we hope the lingerie giant makes an apology in the meantime.

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