FLARE Five: Monday, June 2

A daily round-up of the news, views and trends we’re talking about today


The modern bowl-cut on the runway at Fendi Spring 2014 (Photo by Anthea Simms)

Beauty Vogue is endorsing the short hair trend with five of the best short haircuts for summer. And yes, there is one called the “modern bowl.” Discuss.

Fashion People wearing yoga pants to lunch we can live with, almost. But sweatpants at work? Really? It’s going to happen, according to The Cut. Madewell’s fall 2014 collection features nearly passable versions of the laundry-day staple by Canadian-born designer Somsack Sikhounmuong. See for yourself here.

Sex The practice of slut shaming may have more to do with social class than sexual double standards. A study by researchers at the University of Michigan that found affluent, female college students often invoke the harsh language against peers of lower socio-economic standing to assert their privilege. The takeaway: there really is no such thing as a slut, but jerks are real.

Health Forget the Master Cleanse. The Meditation diet only asks that you take 10 minutes before each meal to sit quietly and focus on your health and weight-loss goals. Put your skepticism on hold for a second and check it out.

Pop Culture We’re still in shock over last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. Get the game-changing scoop from the series’ most dashing new character Prince Oberyn, played by Chilean actor Pedro Pascal.