Video: New York Fashion Week in 5 Minutes

Hit play and see the scene outside the shows

Blog Watch: Liam Saw This by Liam Goslett

Photo by Ashley Van Der Laan

It may not be a New York minute but Liam Goslett has captured all the best moments outside the Fall 2012 shows in a new clip highlighting a range of his own street style snaps. With practically every notable editor, model and fashion figure on the scene in the five minute clip, Goslett takes viewers through NYFW from his POV (and set to a funk filled track!).

Goslett in his own words: “This is the entirety of my week. New York Fashion Week in 5 minutes. 3600 digital frames. Everything I saw from the street. There’s no shows, just the streets. This is all of it. Whipping by at 1/125th of a second, which is my usual shutter speed. This is how fast I saw things, and this is how fast you get to see it.”

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New York Fashion Week in Five Minutes