Karl Lagerfeld On The Chanel Hula Hoop Bag

This oversized Chanel bag is more practical than you might think

WATCH NOW: Karl Lagerfeld Explains The Hula Hoop Bag

Photo by @DerekBlasberg

At the Chanel Spring 2013 show Karl Lagerfeld gave oversized bags a new meaning with an eye-catching accessory, which has since been referred to by many as the “hula hoop bag”. Today we learn from the fashion mastermind himself why he designed the purse, and to tell you the truth the giant accessory is actually pretty practical.

Lagerfeld explains that the bag, which gears away from typical Chanel details like bows or the classic button, needed to have some kind of new energy that made it identifiable as the brand’s, and this definitely does the trick.

Where will you be spotting the bag?On the beach! He designed the bag for women to be able to fit their towel inside and to stand it in the sand and hang clothes or the towel off the handle, who would have thought?