Vancouver's Alana Ka'kia Debuts a Capsule Collection

Former stylist and Parson's Grad, Alana Ka'kia takes a seat at the design chair

Alana Kakia Debuts a Capsule Collection

Photo by Justin Broadbent

Pandering to the bad girl in us all, Vancouverite Alana Ka’kia has taken on the task of launching a line that promises to unleash “moral badness and alluring seduction into the everyday.”  And who doesn’t need a little bad ass in their wardrobe.  We’ve got an army of florals coming down the catwalks so maybe it’s time for a walk on the wild side.

In between styling Metric’s front woman Emily Haines and wardrobe styling major motion pictures (her latest was Mark Maggiori’s Johnny Christ), Alana Ka’kia answered the call of the design siren.  Already experienced in the design world, a 2009 graduate of the Parson’s Paris-based campus and subsequently hand-plucked by Haute-Hippe where she designed for three seasons, getting back into the designer’s seat was second nature.

Her eponymous line features sensual and raw pieces replete with snake skin, metal chains, sand washed silks, leather, and organic cottons.  Goat hair vests and sandblasted silk dresses hang together in perfect juxtaposition.  Simplicity meets wild child.

Ka’kia launches her debut collection this October at TNT and The Narwhal in Toronto, and in it she showcases 29 gems no self-respecting rocker girl will want to miss. We’re calling dibs on her cropped and fitted take on the motorcycle jacket.