Photo by Peter Jensen,, 604-220-5683

Photo by Peter Jensen,, 604-220-5683

Photo by Peter Jensen,, 604-220-5683

Porscia trotted out a collection that strutted with confidence through several decades, a little bit of Rita Hayworth, a dash of Twiggy, and a splash of Cheryl Tiegs.  But whatever the silhouette, the fit was snug, sexy, and in heavily textured fabrics.  Accents were an important theme for Porscia Yeganeh. We saw fur, rosettes, pleats, panels, brocade, cuff details, jeweled buttons, ruffles, texture on texture. The Porscia woman makes an entrance, a statement, an exit, and leaves an impression.  Pencil skirts with paneled fishtails at the knee, oversized shawl collars, corseted sheer blouses made for some interesting interpretations of power dressing.

Retarded Velvet designers Theresa James and Roger Prince claim Rick James and Grace Jones as their inspirations.  Plenty of silk satin and bold shoulders made an appearance as a result. But perhaps in keeping with their name, the looks that swaggered down the catwalk seemed to personify a velvet painting come to life.  A palette of electric purple, bubble gum pink, popcorn butter yellow, an assortment of brocades all added a jolt of pizzazz to the lovely, yet conservative fare, on display so far this week.  The variations on the sleeve harness, half jacket, and shoulder armour were playfully dramatic. The purple dress with pink brocade panel necklace and mellow yellow thin belt was a stand out. Apt or odd, in a word association game if you said Retarded Velvet, I’d say Kool Aid. So, will I wake up with a toothache?

Drew William made a splash with his premier collection at last year’s VFW and this year’s debut was women’s wear into his men’s wear line.  Scattered throughout the presentation were simply draped one-shoulder dresses that looked as if the tips had been dipped in ink.  Vacillating back and forth from draped to more structured elements, the intro to women’s still featured William’s creative humour. The grande finale, and it was grande, appeared like an apparition at the end of the runway. It was a white silk below the knee dress in a classic New Look Dior silhouette but with a gauzy black veil overlay that had been filled with white down feathers. The effect was to create a balloon of fabric, and feathers, at the hemline.  The piece had a weightless and haunting feeling that most likely will be the highlight of the entire week.  But there is one day left to go . . . 

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